At Iberswitch we are dedicated to offering cost saving alternatives to the ex-pat community whilst providing a solution to any language issues our clients may experience. Acting as a bridge between customer and supplier, we remove the stress involved with dealing with large and impersonal organisations.

As a company, we became involved in the deregulation of the telephone market here in Spain, more than ten years ago. We connected many thousands of expats to alternative providers in order to reduce their telephone bills.

Iberswitch was formed as the electricity market was deregulated specifically and solely to help foreigners living or owning Spanish properties to save money. We were all too aware of the process that we and our clients would have to endure. Having held the monopoly for so long the grid companies were not going to release their grip easily and it would be some time before they finally accepted the inevitable and allowed other electricity companies to trade freely and without holding them to ransom.

Thankfully, the switch from the grid company to one of the other 100+ free market companies operating in Spain is now a swift and seamless process.

At Iberswitch we use our huge database of clients to negotiate better rates and terms and conditions with the companies that are now competing with the likes of Iberdrola and Endesa.

By using Spain’s largest USC (Utility Switching Company) you will always get a better rate than going it alone. Also, our customers have added protection by being under our umbrella. All too often you will see offers advertised which on the face of things look very good. We look at the finest of small print often unearth the hidden terms and conditions which when overlooked can often turn a good deal into something quite different.

We also look at the tariff you are on to see if changing to an alternative will give you greater benefits. By discussing your normal usage patterns, we can often suggest a better billing method, thus saving you more money.

Our ethos is to save our customers money wherever and whenever we can. We do this by always putting their best interests first.