Upgrading your electricity supply means having to contract the services of an Iberdrola or Endesa registered electrician (depending where you live).

The electrician will make any necessary changes to your fuse board and meter cupboard and when this is done, issue a boletin which a certificate of compliance and states your supply point is safe to increase the level of electricity.

Once he has registered the boletin with the grid company you need only scan and email us a copy and we will ensure the upgrade is carried out correctly and speedily.

The cost of the upgrade depends how much work needs to be done and can vary considerably. As an average, people pay around €400 but there is an additional charge by the grid company which appears on your electricity bill, regardless who you have your billing with. This charge is around €20 for each kilowatt increased. It is a one off charge.

By upgrading your supply you are protecting yourself from regular tripping and potential damage to your appliances/equipment.