Is your house leaking electricity?

40% Of Properties Suffer From Earth Leakage

Earth Leakage Detector

Earth Leakage Detector

It has been estimated by major electricity generating companies in Spain that more than 40% of properties suffer from electricity leakage.

A poor electrical installation can cause electricity to simply “bleed”  away. An indication that you are suffering from this issue is if your electricity usage has increased significantly in the last few years.


Technical Information

In some cases, a short circuit can be made to the earthing system. This situation is created when a “live” wire (one which carries the electric current) connects to an earthing wire. This is often caused by faulty, old or decaying insulation (material that covers the wires) which can expose the core of the wire to the elements. If this exposed “live” wire is allowed to touch an earthing wire (or any ground, such as metal water piping or wet earth), a short will be made that can allow an uncontrolled and continued release of electricity to flow into the ground. This results in wasted electricity and often, a very high electricity bill.  A RCD (trip switch) is installed in most properties to avoid the dangers of leaking electricity, but we have found that over 50% of these divides do not function correctly.

High Electricity Bills

To eliminate this cause as a reason for spiralling electricity bills, a simple, relatively inexpensive test can be carried-out using a specialist piece of testing equipment called an Earth Leakage Device. This tool allows the test to be carried out without needing to disconnect the supply.

It is fairly rare for a property to have no leakage whatsoever, and in some extreme cases can be attributed to very high electricity bills.