Do you or your partner suffer from snoring?

Have you forgotten what a good nights sleep feels like?


Anyone who suffers from snoring or sleep apnea, or anyone who lives with a sufferer, will know the feeling of being completely exhausted after a night of broken sleep.

There are many gadgets or gizmos that claims to work, but as is often the case, disappointment follows.

We would like to present the Roncofer Anti Snore Guard.

Less obtrusive than many of the mouth guards available on the market and made from a product which is recommended for medical devices, the Rencofer anti snore guard starts working straight away.

Designed by dental technicians, people who construct apparatus to fit in the mouth, the Roncofer is small and presents no issue whatsoever. The benefits of a good nights sleep are now available for everyone.

This product will be with us shortly. Email the Care Team to register your interest.