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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

Many of us moved to Spain because of the weather. We should all be harnessing the sun’s energy, unlike electricity the cost of the sun does not go up every year. In fact, we have sun whether we want it or not so we really ought to be putting it to good use.

There are, as with all things in life, different standards of solar water heaters. We promote a German manufactured model which unlike any others, carries a manufacturers warranty of 10 years. It has a 160 litre pressurised titanium tank which never rusts or leaks.

Fully installed price €2,295

Quote your Iberswitch customer number you pay just €2,100


Heat Your Pool to 27 – 28º (or more) for 10 Months of the Year – For FREE!

This solar water heating system can also be used for the dedicated use of heating a swimming pool. Unlike others, it is designed to heat any water such as chlorinated, salt or treated.

Heating the pool only requires the pump which you use on a daily basis anyway, but instead of only filtering the water, the flow continues through the solar heater taking cold water in and sending hot water out and back to the pool.

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