Dear Care Team,
Just to let you know how pleased we are that we bought the Newatt radiators.
In our cottage they just “blend in” so well with the décor, we purchased different sizes, carefully
placed, they just “float there” unobtrusive, keeping this old cottage just the right temperature.
No more ugly radiators standing out from the walls. On top of this, we have absolute control over our preferred temperature.
Thanks again
Susan Fletcher

I installed my 5 radiators in about 3 hours from time of delivery. All straightforward using the plugs and screws provided which were ideal for the typical Spanish villa wall construction.
By night-time the quietness was most noticeable. There was no noise – we had lost the noise from the air-conditioning fan of course.  Next we noticed our feet were warm – not like blocks of ice the previous night when we were heating from the air-con unit.
Then we noticed there were no cold drafts circulating around the side of our necks and back usually caused by the movement of warm air from the air-con pulling the cold air down the open plan staircase. Everywhere felt pleasantly warm wherever we checked in the rooms – just as you has advised.

We have an energy consumption monitor fitted to our electrical supply. We placed it in front of us on the coffee table and enjoyed watching the reading fluctuate downwards once the villa had heated up to its default temperature of 21C. Each downward trend saving us money. It altered constantly but never ran at its total load for all the five radiators we fitted. It seemed to be running at only a fraction of that once the radiators had reached their operating temperature – just like you said.

When we went to bed that evening our bedroom felt warm and welcoming. Even the previously cold cotton sheets did not feel like two sheets of ice  when we got into bed (no we never fancied an electric blanket. Tried sleeping on one once) The sheets felt warm – as you said everything in the house gets warmed.

My Wife got up in the night and said it was wonderful to be able to walk around the villa without freezing and feeling so warm. The first morning we woke up and went down to a lovely warm lounge – no cold spots – it was 20c or so,  not the usual 13-14c – excellent.

We have always kept daily reading of our electricity consumption, it is too early to tell so far but first impressions are that it appears we are getting total 24 hour warmth for less than it cost to run our air-con for about 7-8 hours per day normally just to keep warm. On that basis we shall not be economising and we will enjoy 24 hour a day warmth until the warmer weather arrives
Thank you Team,

Kind regards,
Mr & Mrs Poole


Dear Iberswitch
Firstly, I am not sure if I dare say it but, I am going to give the dual tariff a go!
Also, thank you for the transfer of my Electricity from my last supplier to the latest one. Thus far, it seems to have worked well and as I am always ready to complain, it seems only fair to offer positive feedback too. Naturally, I make the last comment whilst touching wood!! Seriously, thank you.
Mr G Pink

Hi Care Team
The Wi-Fi is fitted and all is well very efficient young men – so far so good, all is working very well and I have my instructions of what to do when Telefonica cuts the telephone line off, just plug it into the Wi-Fi attachment! It’s all magic you see!!!
Thanks again for your services and help!!
Terry and Anne Lay

Morning all!
We are happy to day that thanks to your advice some months ago we have already switched to the dual tariff – it is working beautifully!!
Look forward to switching to the next electricity provider.
Thanks for your continual assistance in helping us to save the Euros!!
J Davies

Dear all
We just want to say thank you for the efficient way in which our broadband/telephone has been fitted. Chris and Jack were very conscientious in what were difficult conditions with the extreme heat and the fact that the dish needed to be sited high up on our neighbour’s wall which they had not expected they would have to do.
It is working very well at the moment and we are very pleased with the internet speed which is a great improvement on our previous supplier.
Diane and Tom Henry

Dear Iberswitch
Thank you so much for sorting us out so quickly. The boy was very apologetic and even came back in his lunchtime to refit a new meter. AND he apologised (unheard of in Spain)! I have written on Facebook so all my friends see how pleased we are with your service.
Thank you again.
Sally Realey

Hi Iberswitch
Thank you for your call and mail with further info regarding ​the new “peak on/off tariffs”. May I ask how it this possible when other electricity providers are raising their tariffs all the time?
Anyway. I am very satisfied with your service so far, I have saved a lot since I changed to Iberswitch from Iberdrola, who are still doing their best to get me back as a client, they keep send me certificates to sign, but without success.
Kind regards
Erik Nestaker