Dear Iberswitch
Firstly, I am not sure if I dare say it but, I am going to give the dual tariff a go!
Also, thank you for the transfer of my Electricity from my last supplier to the latest one. Thus far, it seems to have worked well and as I am always ready to complain, it seems only fair to offer positive feedback too. Naturally, I make the last comment whilst touching wood!! Seriously, thank you.
Mr G Pink

Morning all!
We are happy to say that thanks to your advice some months ago we have already switched to the dual tariff – it is working beautifully!!
Look forward to switching to the next electricity provider.
Thanks for your continual assistance in helping us to save the Euros!!
J Davies

Dear Iberswitch
Thank you so much for sorting us out so quickly. The boy was very apologetic and even came back in his lunchtime to refit a new meter. AND he apologised (unheard of in Spain)! I have written on Facebook so all my friends see how pleased we are with your service.
Thank you again.
Sally Realey

Hi Iberswitch
Thank you for your call and mail with further info regarding ‚Äčthe new “peak on/off tariffs”. May I ask how it this possible when other electricity providers are raising their tariffs all the time?
Anyway. I am very satisfied with your service so far, I have saved a lot since I changed to Iberswitch from Iberdrola, who are still doing their best to get me back as a client, they keep send me certificates to sign, but without success.
Kind regards
Erik Nestaker